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Top 5 Business Schools in the US and how to get admission? | Gradway

May 7, 2021BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

‘Which are the top 5 business schools in the world?’ ‘In the US?’

Not sure?

The reason is that different ranking organizations will give you different names and they never seem to match, ever. So let’s get to the root of the ranking game for the much-needed authenticity.

List of top business schools in the US as per International Scientific Committee

A committee of 11 members that are stalwarts of the academic world selects 1000 best business schools. The criteria for selection are international academic accreditations, global presence vis-a-vis developments and innovations, and voting of the deans and directors of reputed institutions. This gives a comprehensive list aka ‘Palmes of Excellence’ that has the best schools in the world and every country, too. Where all the ranking system takes in account the apparent factors like final results and biggest pay package offered, Palmes of Excellence involves dynamic factors like innovation and practicalities. Let’s look at the top business schools in the US:

Harvard Business School

Placed at the top of the best business schools in the US, it’s not easy to get into Harvard. They rejected 90% of the MBA applications last year. But who said it was going to be easy to aim to breathe in the same college campus as that of Mike Bloomberg or Sheryl Sandberg?

MIT Sloan School of Management

This one’s the second best. Known for its maths, science, and technology, it has an inherent desire to find students that could discover and innovate. It is known to admit just 7-8% of its total applicants each year.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Known to take in just 6% of the applicants, it isn’t easy to get into Stanford either. Its average GMAT score stands at 733.

Yale School of Management

Yale needs a GPA of at least 4.0 from you which means only ‘A’s in every class. For another Ivy League school, this seems a norm.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business

Ranking ahead of Ivy League schools like Dartmouth, Cornell, and Brown, Duke’s Fuqua Business School has a median GMAT score of 710. But it is nothing compared to the fact that you’ll have your name written in the alumni section next to Tim Cook and Melinda French Gates.

How to get admission to top business school in the US

The first step to getting into the US’s crème de la crème business schools is to research extensively. As odd as it may sound, connect to the present alumni of the targeted college on social media sites like LinkedIn. Strike a bond with them and ask for their best guidance.

Ace your GRE/GMAT score. The key is not to aim for the median, i.e. 730. Take a buffer of at least +20 points to ensure entry.

Keep your college grades consistent as all the top colleges tend to judge the prospective student’s sincerity while reviewing the application.

A work experience of at least 4-5 years would help you beat others in the race.

Get the best letter of recommendation for you that’d make the college feel privileged to have you. The more the references, the merrier it is to get to the top of the approved list.

Lastly, win them over with a great personal statement. All top business schools would love to discover the leader in you. But what would make them select you over others would be the reformer within you. So, choose your words wisely.

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