Abroad education is a dream that does not come cheap. Even some of the most meritorious students seldom face a harsh setback owing to financial constraints. An average Indian student’s chances of studying overseas are largely dependent on his/her possibilities of securing a scholarship. Let’s discuss some of the most prominent scholarship opportunities to study abroad and how do we convert them.

Common scholarships in the UK

The UK is one of the most sought study destinations by students because of its outstanding universities and colleges. Apart from this, the constant effort made by the UK government to make financial resources available for students is also a stand out factor to attract students. In the UK scholarships can be of 3 type’s i.e. government-funded scholarships, university scholarships and institution funded scholarships. Below is a list of the most common scholarships for Indian students who want to study in the UK.


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Scholarships for Indian students in the US

Fullbright-Nehru research scholarships

  • It is a government-funded scholarship available to international students who are applying to master’s degree or PhD programs in the United States.
  • This is available under certain programmes such as Arts and Culture, Environmental studies, Higher education administration, public health, urban and regional planning and women’s studies/general studies.
  • The benefits availed are two-way economy class air travel fare from host city to the US, tuition fees funding and living costs benefits, accident and sickness programs as per guidelines of US government.
  • It covers only J1 support VISA

Hubert H. Humphery Fellowship

  • The scholarship is granted to Indian scholars who have registered for a PhD programme in an Indian institution and is for 6-9 months for pre-doctoral level research.
  • The benefits availed in the scholarship are two-way economy class fare from the host city to the US, affiliation fees and allowances, a monthly stipend, accident and sickness program for exchange students.
  • This grant is insufficient to support family members.

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Fellowship

  • This scholarship is provided by reliance industries along with Stanford GSB (Graduate School of Business) to deserving Indian students aspiring to study at Stanford GSB
  • The scholarship amount is approximately $150,000
  • The benefits availed in this scholarship are financial support for two years of full-time MB and all associated fees.
  • Recipients are expected to return to India and work for an Indian organization within two years of completing an MBA.

TATA Scholarship for Cornell University

  • Ratan Tata and Sons Ltd. Has partnered with Cornell University in the US to offer financial aid to underprivileged but meritorious Indian students who wish to study in the undergraduate courses at Cornell.
  • This scholarship is provided to 20 Indian students at once.
  • Preference will be given to qualified students accepted to the College of Architecture, Art, Planning, Engineering, Economics, biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, hard sciences and management in the SC Johnson College of Business.

Some other Scholarships

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There are hundreds of scholarships available other than these mentioned above. It entirely depends on student’s requirement of college, course and country. The scholarships amount might vary but every student is encouraged to thoroughly search the website of the university, scholarship portal of the country to get desirable outcomes.