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SAT i.e. ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’ is a general standardized test which is required for getting admission in undergraduate school of the foreign colleges or universities. It’s mandatory to clear the SAT examination for entering the undergraduate program of foreign universities in the countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia and so on. Many schools offer SAT scholarship to the students along with admission to the undergraduate courses based on the students SAT score. The SAT exam is conducted by the College Board. The SAT exam tests your mathematics, critical reading and writing skills in order to judge your preparedness for foreign undergraduate level academic studies and work.

The admission committees of undergraduate program in the foreign universities and college evaluate and consider your SAT Score, school transcript, recommendation letter from teachers, academic records, activities and supporting documents, to comprehend your readiness for the foreign undergraduate studies. SAT exam tests your command on mathematical concepts such as numbers, arithmetic operations, algebra, geometry, data analysis, critical reading skills like vocabulary, verbal reasoning along with analytical writing capabilities. 

The SAT test is approximately of 3 hours. The SAT exam is conducted 6-7 times annually depending upon the region and is held at least 5 times a year in many of the countries. Although there is no minimum or maximum age set by the conducting body as SAT eligibility criteria, but the candidate is required to have successfully passed their high school. Generally, a maximum number of high school students between the ages 17-18 i.e. in 11th or 12th grade appear for the SAT exam.

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) Format

The Scholastic Aptitude Test i.e. SAT comprises of three sections, namely:

  1. Writing Section
  2. Critical Reading Section
  3. Mathematics Section

The writing section consists of multiple choice questions. The writing section tests your ability to comprehend the given topic, articulate your thoughts and provide your responses to multifaceted ideas in a simple, clear and logical way. The multiple choices writing section consists of total around 49 questions which assesses students ability to write clearly and communicate ideas, ascertain grammatical and writing errors, to improve sentences and paragraphs.

You get total 35 minutes to answer the multiple choice questions.

The Critical Reading section examines your ability to analyse the given topics, understanding of relationships between the parts of the sentences, vocabulary skills, English language grammar, concepts and so on. This section mainly consists of two types of questions such as reading comprehension and sentence completion.

In the Reading Comprehension (RC) section, you will be asked to read one or more passages on a given topic and you have to answer questions on the same. For answering RC questions, you have to understand the central theme of the given topic, draw conclusions or inferences related to given topic, phrase the sentences and so on. You will be asked 52 RC questions.

You have to complete the Critical Reading section in 1 Hour and 10 minutes. The valid score range for this Critical Reading section is 200 to 800.

The Mathematics section tests your quantitative skills, ability to solve algebra, geometry, data analysis and other reasoning problems with quantitative methods.

The Mathematics questions are of many formats such as questions on numbers and operations, algebra and geometry calculations, probability and data analysis and such like. The students are allowed to use given calculators which are restricted for scientific, graphic and four-function calculations.

Numbers and operations type questions ask you to perform variety of operations on numbers and find the correct result. To answer such questions you should learn and understand the shortcut methods, mathematical formulas and so on.

Algebra and Geometric calculation type questions test your ability to calculate area, perimeter, volume, etc. from the given diagram or example.

Probability and Data analysis questions require you to perform calculations, do permutations and combination i.e. probability analysis on the given data and provide appropriate answer.

Total 58 MCQ mathematics questions will be asked in the SAT test. You may be asked to select one correct options from the given list of choices. To solve such questions you should have clear understanding of the mathematical concepts, shortcut strategies, best logical approaches, data and chart analysis and so on.

In SAT exam, total 13 questions will be of Grid-in type. Grid-in questions are questions in which no answer choices are given and you have to give the answer directly. The answer to such question can be positive or negative integer, decimal or fraction.

You have total 1 Hour and 20 minutes to complete Mathematics section. The valid score range for this Mathematics section is 200 to 800.

As stated above, the SAT exam is conducted six to seven times in a year, thus if you are not satisfied with the score, you can retake the SAT exam. It’s really necessary to submit scores to schools in a stipulated time.

Optimum SAT Score

In order to get admission to a good undergraduate course in a foreign college or university, you should score at least 600+ marks out of 800 in each section. If you score 700+ marks in each section, then you will definitely get admission to the prestigious foreign college or university. SAT score cutoff list varies from one university to the other. You can easily get the SAT score cutoff list of various colleges or universities from their respective college or university websites.

It’s really necessary clear SAT exam with good score to get admissions to the undergraduate program in the best foreign college or university. SAT exam requires good practice of mathematical problems, critical reading, writing skills, good vocabulary and many more. So, in this case it’s really important to join SAT tuitions for scoring good marks. In order to make you confident to score optimum marks, Gradway overseas education consultants in Hyderabad provides the best SAT tuition services and also offer professional foreign education consultancy facilities. 

Gradway overseas is one of the best overseas consultancies in Hyderabad which not only contributes in delivering best SAT coaching to the students but also guides students in order to get admissions to the top universities and colleges in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The professional team of Gradway education consultants in Hyderabad directs the students on rewarding career options that suit an individual student’s profile based on their area of interest, academic background and SAT, GRE, IELTS, PTE or any other English language exam scores.

Gradway abroad consultancy in Hyderabad guides students throughout the application process right from submission of the application till the completion of the admission process to the desired foreign universities. Gradway overseas education consultants in Hyderabad also provide PR services for Canada. So, hurry and contact Gradway study abroad consultants in Hyderabad for SAT trainings and make your aspirations of studying and settling abroad, a certainty!

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