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PTE stand s for Pearson Test of English which was started by the Pearson Inc. organization. The important thing to know about this exam is how it is different from the above mentioned TOEFL exam. The answer is very simple it’s a minute variation which we shall discuss next. The parameter on which PTE tests the candidates is also the same as TOEFL i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The preparation strategy is also the same as the TOEFL. You should read a lot, listen to various sources mentioned above, podcasts, interviews, music, movies, etc and try speaking as much as possible to score higher in your exam.

Differences in TOEFL and PTE

  • The score range of TOEFL is from 0-120 whereas for PTE it’s from 10-90
  • The questions of TOEFL are mostly in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format whereas PTE has a variety of question formats such as MCQ, essay writing, graphs, figures, etc.
  • TOEFL is the longest test of all proficiency tests that is it lasts for 4 hours whereas PTE lasts for a maximum of 3 hours in duration.
  • TOEFL is a more recognized test score than PTE because it is the oldest of all proficiency tests whereas PTE was introduced in 2009.
  • In PTE the writing and speaking sections are merged as one section whereas in TOEFL they are two different sections.
  • The recordings to PTE can be a bit difficult to decipher as its all a computer-based test whereas TOEFL can also be given on an offline mode (TOEFL is also available on an online format called TOEFL-iBT)
  • TOEFL score is most readily accepted in New Zealand and Australian universities whereas TOEFL is more readily accepted in the US, UK and Canadian universities. Still, TOEFL remains the most readily accepted test score across any major university around the globe.


If you have understood the summary of the article you should be clear with the most basic know-about of both TOEFL and PTE. They are the same skill tests but vary in their marking and acceptance across various universities of the world. TOEFL and TOEFL-IBT( Internet Bases Test ) is the same test but TOEFL-IBT is more recently introduced.

 In TOEFL candidate have the option of human interaction in speaking tests whereas in PTE this option isn’t available which might just make it a bit difficult (varies from person to person). Given all pros and cons, every candidate has the liberty to decide which exam he/she wants to give depending upon their region of the university and what scores are accepted there.

Important Preparation Tips

  • Always remember the more you read the sharper your ability to identify words become and also vocabulary gets enhanced immensely. Try to get more genres fiction, non-fiction, biographies, news papers, magazines, etc. Make it a habit to at least read for 30 minutes every day.
  • Listening to interviews, of course in English will greatly help, try watching Hollywood movies that would help you listen and understand English conversation in foreign accent in real time. Also try listening to podcasts and audio scripts available on the internet and interpreting them as far as possible.
  • Try to write summaries and also record and listen to them this shall help you in enhancing both writing and speaking skills. Speak to yourself often times, this sounds crazy but very helpful. When you speak to yourself you feel what others feel when they listen to you and that creates great scope of improvement.
  • Final and most important factor, always try to be consistent. Breaking your flow will always land you in a troublesome land where it’s difficult to escape.

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