How to write a convincing Statement of Purpose (SOP)?

The Statement of Purpose which is also known as SOP, is a brief description about you, your overall studies, career achievements, extra-curricular activities, professional work experience and many more. In order to get admissions to the foreign universities in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc., students should be able to a write convincing Statement of Purpose (SOP). Along with the score of English language examinations such as GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, etc., it’s really important to submit a good and conclusive SOP. 

Your SOP plays a vital role in deciding whether you will get admission to a particular foreign college/university or not. So, it is important that your SOP is professional and self-explanatory yet simple. If the scrutiny committee of the foreign university or institution finds that your English test scores and SOPs, both are appealing, then they may not only opt to provide you admission to the university, but also offer the highest scholarships and stipends.

Below mentioned are some of the important aspects which one needs to consider while writing the SOP.

Point out reasons why to opt for a particular course in selected college/university of the specific country :

At the beginning of the SOP, you should write a convincing reason for your selection of the particular university/college and course in the specific country. Your motto to opt for a particular course in college or university should be clearly and briefly mentioned. One should be careful and completely avoid any type of spelling and grammatical mistakes in the document.

 In other words, you can pen down about the demand and future scope of the particular course which you are opting, its importance for your career growth personally and professionally and how the course will help you to have a bright future and so on. You can also add how your studies will help the college or university to make research oriented, innovative, healthy contributions in a particular field.

Overall experience in the various companies and plethora of the projects handled :

You should provide your total years of experience in various companies, domains and projects handled. You have to mention names of all the companies where you have worked, your specialization in a particular domain, distinct projects handled and different technologies on which you have worked.

 You can optionally include the different certifications you have cleared in order to have mastery of a particular technology, domain and subject. You can then write a short description about the variety of projects completed while working in the company or distinct companies.

College studies and Projects Handled :

You can mention about the different subjects you have studied in your college curriculum.  One can include how one has mastered particular subjects and achieved practical knowledge in a variety of courses in the college. You can then describe how your interest in particular subject was boosted and different college projects which you may have completed in order to gain mastery in your favorite subject or domain area. One can provide briefly, what his or her college project was about and the different technologies, languages, tools which were used in order to complete the project successfully. You can describe your various achievements while doing college projects like may be your project was in the top band, ranked among top 5 projects or the project was sponsored by a particular company/bank etc.     

Academic achievements/certificates :

Here you can describe your achievements during the college period like you were the topper of your college, academically fared well, gained throughout distinction, various technical or other certifications done, etc. In short, you should write about your academic accomplishments. 

Your academic achievements will give the scrutiny committee insight about your interest in technical studies and will help the committee members to consider and shortlist your profile.

Different extra-curricular activities performed :

In this section, you can jot down the extra-curricular activities you have performed apart from the academic studies and achievements. You can describe different college or national or international level project seminars/presentations you have given during college period or quiz completions won. You can also mention various types of events organized by you and if you have got awards in it like the best organizer of the year or such. You may also mention if have won any sports competitions may be college, national or international level, etc. The extra-curricular activities will define your flexibility to work beyond academic studies and this will help you get scholarships and other teaching or admin related work in the respective foreign colleges or universities.

At the end of the SOP, describe in brief how much particular university is important and how will you meet university expectations in order to achieve dreams :

At the end of the SOP, one should mention how much the particular university or college is significant for him or her to achieve his or her career goals. You may state that your goals are becoming a researcher, a master in particular domain or subject, or expected career growth, and such like. You should also mention how you will meet the university expectations, for example, by making healthy contributions to the particular college or university, research studies, adhering to university or college rules and discipline, living up to the standards of the university etc. One can also mention if he or she expects to join the particular college or department along with Teaching (TA) and Research (RA) assistantships.  

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