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  • NewZealand is located in the Southwest Pacific Oceanand consist soft womain Islands as well as a number of small erones.
  • The principal Islands are the North and South Islands which are separated by the Cook Strait.
  • NewZealandisintheSouthernHemisphere,soJanuaryand
  • February are the warme stmonths,Autumn is from March to May, Winter is from June to August,and Spring runs from September to November.
  • Capital of New Zealand is Wellington but the most popular and happening city is Auckland.
  • The official languages in use in New Zealand are English and Maori.
  • The total population of New Zealand is approximately

4.5 Million while the population of Auckland is1.4 Million.


  • British based Education System.
  • 1 year Job Search Visa & 2 years Work Visa.
  • PR (Permanent Residency) Opportunity.
  • New Zealand has an international reputation as a provider of quality education.
  • Warm and welcoming environment.
  • 15 years of education is acceptable in NZ.
  • High Quality Living Conditions.


Level 10 – Doctorate

level 9 – Masters

8- PG diploma, Certificate, Bachelors degree with honors

7 Bachelors degree, graduate diplomas & certificates

6 Diploma


4 Certificate

Types of Educational Institutions in NewZ
  • Universities: There are8Government‐funded universities providing undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.
  • Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics : A popular option is to study at one of the 18government funded Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics. They offer a wide variety of programmes which can be both academically and vocationally focused.
  • Private Tertiary and Training Establishments:There are a growing number of private tertiary and training providers offering an alternative study option. They offer a range of programmes including professional certificates, diplomas and degrees in a diverse range of subjects including art, the hospitality industry, computer studies, secretarial studies, quality management, ecotourism and others.
Intakes and Deadlines


  • There are generally two Intakes in New Zealand: February and July.
  • However ITPs and Private Institutes may have different Intakes for different courses. Practically there is an intake every month in some or the other institution resulting inrecruitment throughout the year.


  • There is no deadline as such in New Zealand but it is recommended to send applications at least 4 months prior to the start date to avoid end moment troubles.



  • For Undergraduate Diploma & Bachelors Degree: 12thwith 50% to 70% range.
  • For Graduate Diploma, PG Diploma, Masters : Bachelors with 55% andabove.

English Language:

  • Undergraduate Diploma, Bachelors Degree & Graduate Diploma: IELTS 6.0 with no bands less then 5.5.

    Few Private institutions will accept IELTS 5.5 (5) for specific UG Diplomas.

  • Post Graduate Diplomas & Masters : IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0.


  • Eligible students can work up to 20 hours in any given week during the academic year.
  • Students undertaking a course of 12 months or more may work full‐time during theholidays.
  • Apartnerofaneligiblestudentmayapplyforaworkpermitforfulltimeworkingvalidfor thedurationofthestudycourse,onlyifthestudentisanapplicantforafulltime

Undergraduatecourse(Level7)inareasofabsoluteskillshortageasspecifiedintheLong TermSkillShortageList.HoweverpartnersofallstudentsonstudycourseofLevel8and abovecanworkfulltimewithoutanycondition.

Student Work Rights
  • ThestudentaftercompletionofstudiesinNZandgraduatingcanhold a12monthsGraduateJobSearchvisawhichenableshimtostart workinginanyjob(notrelevanttoqualificationalso).
  • GraduateswithLongTermSkilledJobofferthatisrelevanttotheir qualification,canapplyforaGraduateWorkExperienceVisafortwo yearsaftertheir12monthsGraduateJobSearchVisaisover.
  • ForQualifyingtoWorkafterstudiesthestudentneedstofulfillthe followingAcademicrequirements.
  • Qualification at Level 7 and above for at least 1 academic year.
  • Two years qualification at Level 4‐6. Two qualifications at Level 4‐6 each requiring at least 1 academic year provided the second qualification is at a higher level than the first (2 years studyin New Zealand in total).


Students who have successfully completed in New Zealand a qualification that would qualify for Graduate Job Search Work Visa have toapply within 3 months of completion of their studies for a work visa.

Students will be granted a work visa for a maximum period of 12 months on following conditions:

  1. Applicants must provide a completed work visa application form and fee.
  2. Evidence that they have successfully completed a qualification in New Zealand that meets the study to work qualification requirements.
  3. Evidence thatthey have a minimum of$4200 in funds available to maintain themselves during their stay in New Zealand.

Evidence of an offer of employment is not required.


1 NZ$ = Rs. 45/-approx.
Tuition Fees per year 8,00,00011,00,000

Living Cost6,00,0006,00,000


University of Auckland

University of Otago

University of Canterbury

Victoria University of Wellington

Massey University