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Why Study in Canada?

admin / April 13, 2019

Get set go for the opportunity of studying in one of the most developed, safest country in the world !!

Why Study in Canada?

  • 10 (one position ahead of the United States) in the UN Development Programme’s Human Development Index (HDI) 2016
  • As per the latest QS World University Rankings 2018:
    • 2 universities in Top 50; University of Toronto & McGill University
    • 7 universities in Top 200


High Academic Standards Affordable Education Immigrant Friendly Safety & Security Strong Employment Prospects
Globally Recognized & Career Focussed Lower cost of study than US and UK Post study work permit of 3 years Safe Student Communities Extensive Job Opportunities
Co-op education option On-campus work options Many opportunities to work Low levels of crime Demand for recent graduates


Courses in Demand for Undergrad Study

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Business Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Pharmacy


Courses Duration & Estimated cost of study

Duration Cost of Education (Tuition Plus Living)
Four years for bachelor’s Average Cost: 42000-53000 CAD
Five years for co-operative programs Lower than the US

Co-op programs are structured programs that combine in-class training with periods of actual work. They offer undergraduate students networking opportunities and valuable work experience during the period of study.


Eligibility Criteria

Strong Academic Credentials Standardized Test Scores Strong Extra Curriculars
Minimum 12 years of education
Minimum 70% marks
For Computer Science & Business Studies – Grade 12 Math is required
For Engineering Courses – Grade 12 Physics, Chemistry, Math & English are required
Portfolio needed for Fine Arts
SAT is not required; AP accepted
IELTS/TOEFL: Min TOEFL: 70-89 iBT and Min IELTS: 6-7
State/National/International Level participation
Declamations, Model United Nations, Olympiad, and several more


Yearly Intake & Application Deadlines

  • The major intake is in September/Fall Session, though a few universities do allow for a January/Winter Session intake.
  • The deadlines generally fall between January and March.


Student Visa

  • Proof of funds to be shown, in addition to proof of tuition fees. The living costs shown must be at least CND 10,000 per year of stay (CND 11,000 if applying to universities in Quebec).
  • Average processing time for student visas is approximately one month
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